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I have been reading a blog, laneannmiller.blogspot.com, and it has truly inspired me. I never met this Hopkinsville woman and had never even heard her name until after she passed away five days ago, but Lane Ann Miller is having a great impact on me right now.

The 46-year old school teacher, wife, mother, and devoted daughter of Jesus spent the final six months of her life sharing with the public – people she knew well and people she never met – intimate details of her bout with stage 4 colon cancer. But she shared it with just delicacy and care, taking note of every detail along the journey, not just her imminent fate, something I believe most of us would be completely overwhelmed with. She had Bigger things in mind. 

Blogs are a slice of our culture today, people are able to share what’s on their heart with the masses whether they have a major publisher or not. And though there are millions of blogs and only a small percentage are actually read, Lane Ann’s blog has earned many followers from a grass-roots beginning back in October, when this small-town family from Hopkinsville, Kentucky, shared what had hit their hearts. Lane Ann and her husband shared several of the toughest questions they were facing, for all the world to see and ask alongside, and her husband is keeping readers up-to-date on how the family is coping with their loss.

Below are a few of the questions Lane Ann asked within her second blog entry, October 15, only days after she had learned of her illness:

  • “If I question how to spend my time in the next few weeks, does that mean I’m not trusting God?”
  • “If I have random thoughts on what/who I would want for a funeral, does that I mean I’m not looking forward to living on the rest of my life?”
  • “If I’m not all perky and positive with the standard ‘pat’ answers of how good God is, does that mean I’m not godly?”
  • “If I say I know God is going to heal me completely, is that me presuming God will do it?”
  • “If I say I know God CAN heal me…and if I completely trust God to do that…how do I know what HE wants to do? Or maybe better than that, does it even matter if I know what He wants to do?”

Lane Ann had bolstered this with her Faith in an all-powerful God, who held her in His arms every step of the way. She wrote: “I choose to endure whatever He decides for me in a way that makes someone see Jesus…”

Please, I invite you to read into this amazing blog. I have only just begun, and it already has started to reshape my heart. See what it can do for yours. The peace they have shown during this storm has been beyond inspiration, it’s proof that it can be done. No matter what the circumstance, we are capable of peace when we are walking with the Lord. Also, please offer your support to this family, they are just beginning to walk through this trial, they can use as much love as possible.