I Have a Voice!!!!

I watched ‘The King’s Speech’ a few nights ago, which truly was a remarkable film. I love that we have come to a point in our culture when the marketplace is thirsting for real life stories of overcoming and triumph, which is one reason why a film like this is received so well.

Sure, it has superb acting, directing and production, but the joy it places in our hearts is where this film truly clicks.

But I walked away from this film not even realizing the biggest takeaway, until this morning – I HAVE A VOICE!

I don’t know about you, but I have forever struggled with confidence. I spent the first 30 years of my life never telling people what I truly felt. I always just put on a smile and hoped my feelings of frustration, irritation and dislike would just pass and we could just be “friends.” Why did I never tell anyone about my feelings? For reasons of discomfort, sure, but more so a fear that I didn’t have the right to say this.


This is a term that could often be attached to protest marches or political rallies, but give it some real thought. Don’t you have a voice?

Only recently, God finally got through to me that He has given me tasks to speak His words to people, and they may be hard to hear, but they need to be spoken. It may be (incredibly) uncomfortable, but the fruits that result are boundless. In several instances I have stepped outside of myself and used my voice, and each time I have been overwhelmed by the rush of strength and legitimate power.

This is not to say that I am out to conquer the world in the name of Matt Rennels, I recognize it is God working inside me for His works. I am entirely Blessed by this, and I am so thankful that a mighty God would use a small man like myself to accomplish His means.

The most amazing aspect about this movie was that Bertie went into speech therapy to work on his mechanics. He absolutely refused to look at what was inside him, which was truly what was holding back his voice.

I can truly relate to this. I have experienced an inability to speak at many times in my life, and it is painful. It’s amazing that it is something inside of us that deeply affects our voice. It’s the bad stuff inside us that keeps the good stuff bottled up.

Everyone has a voice. Bertie was destined to be King George VI but he didn’t think he could be a king, only because he didn’t think he had a voice. He certainly did. You do, too. You likely won’t be King of the United Kingdom, but you are definitely destined to be someone of great importance. Let that voice out.


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