Watching Other People go to Weddings

How about being free from wedding pictures on Facebook?

My wife LOVES looking at these pictures of Facebook. I really think that if Facebook didn’t have any wedding photos, she wouldn’t check it too very often. I always hear “oooooohs”, “aaaaaahhs”, and “Wow! She should NOT have been wearing that!” Coming from her desk across the office.

I enjoy going to weddings, but I don’t really enjoy looking at other people going to weddings. And after being so involved in a wedding  planning process only a year ago, I don’t ever care to analyze tuxedo styles, corsiage colors or limo options ever again. But, that’s just me.

Freedom from Facebook? That’s another post. How about just banning all wedding photos from Facebook? Then I may be able to see my wife’s face once in a while! How cool! 🙂


One response to “Watching Other People go to Weddings

  1. hey butt butt! that was mean! j/k…yea I do look at wedding photos too much…but just think, in like 10 years, no one we know will be getting married anymore so it will stop, right? ha I love you!

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