Trees are pretty!

I was driving today when it just struck me how beautiful it is. If only I didn’t have to look forward while driving.

It’s worth reminiscing about being able to stare out a car window at the rolling fields and spectacular sights. I used to look so forward to family road trips, but unfortunately not because I wanted to chat it up with the family, rather, I really, really enjoyed strapping on the headphones, pumping up the Discman and daydreaming out the window.

It’s not that I want to do that anymore. Heck, today my dreams would no longer consist of girl interaction and aspirations to be a rock star, my mind would probably be filled with budgets, landscaping projects and insurance plans. But I can only hope not, because I would have plenty of praising to do of our Creator.

Look at the trees, and watch as they blow in the wind. Notice the birds and the unique way they hop. See the grass blades, each one appearing as it should, straight up and green. Let the blue majestic skies overtake you for a moment, remembering that skies aren’t blue every day. Enjoy it! Praise our Creator for such beauty.

Life can get so fast-paced that it can squeeze out the simplest things, and those are often the best things. Last weekend my wife and I spent some all of Saturday working on our yard, and what was a long work day was actually a really enjoyable, relaxing time. Just being in God’s Creation can set things in line. It can set you free from your worries, because you can see that nature, as vastly intricate and complicated as it is, comes together as expected each and every day. It doesn’t take much thought, but working in God’s soil naturally releases us from our worries, but I think that’s the reason – our spirit is reminded of God’s complete dependability.

When driving along, we can see where man falls short, as some buildings or work projects are left unfinished, street signs are rusting, and you will likely find many signs with spelling and grammatical errors. We have good intentions, but we all have the tendency to let some things go, not putting complete care into it. But God’s creation, the stuff that isn’t touched by man, is completely taken care of. You won’t find too many elm trees that just grow without leaves, or you won’t find too many blades of grass that are purple because He put the order in wrong. God takes care of it all.

The saying we all know is “Don’t let life pass you by”, but I say “Don’t let yourself pass by life.” There is so much beauty to see, take some time out of your busy schedule, free yourself up.


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