Freedom from Folgers

 This time, it’s real.

I’m quitting coffee. A few of you may be quick to point out that I stated this in a newspaper column two years ago, and within one and a half months had totally derailed and hit the carafe again.

Then it was one cup a day, then two, then three! Then four, then three, then two, then one (for a day!), and two and three and so on and so on. But, I have had coffee in my bloodstream every day ever since, with the exception of only a slim number of days.

OK, to be honest, I’m not necessarily quitting coffee, but I am fasting from it. Why? For starters, I don’t want to be chemically dependant upon anything, ever. That doesn’t stop at prescription drugs, that should also include caffeine. Instead of saying “I’m just not myself until I get my first cup of coffee”, I might as well just introduce myself as “My name is Matt, and my personality, ability and character are completely dependant on a warm, bitter black liquid. Nice hat!”

That’s the worldly side of it, but even that can attach itself to pride. “Nobody will ever say Matt Rennels needed coffee to succeed! NOBODY!!!!!!!!!”    <— See? Sure, but when we bury that pride, the truth still stands that I don’t want to be dependent on coffee, I want to be dependent on God.

Isaiah 40:28-29 – Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Lord is an eternal God, the creator of the whole earth. He does not get tired or weary; there is no limit to his wisdom. He gives strength to those who are tired; to the ones who lack power, he gives renewed energy.

DID YOU READ THAT!?!? Man! If we, as Christians, TRULY believed, there would be no need for Starbucks, they would close their doors tomorrow.  It states clearly that God gives strength to those who are tired. It doesn’t say Folgers, it says God.

Now, I’m not telling readers to go home tonight and slam their Mr. Coffee carafes against the wall or nothing, but I know for myself it was time to take a step away. I want total dependence upon the Lord, that’s really what I desire, but if I don’t start with something as fundamental as energy, then my dependence up Him will not go very far.

This will be a freedom. This is a dependence that much of our culture doesn’t even think twice about. Some friends and family may need to start considering interventions for loved ones. If you see ol’ Charlie at the espresso machine, knock that chai out of his hand and give him a full embrace, he needs your help.

Please, I’ll need your encouragement. And if I see  you out and about anytime soon and I’m a bit crabby, just remember that I’m not myself. Ooooooohhhh …


5 responses to “Freedom from Folgers

  1. Matt, you are simply brilliant. The way that you etch out the finer details of coffee addiction is truly a delightful tromp through the fascinating, yet astute, world of diction. My, my, my, this entry reminded me of what I used to look like when I was a Pakistanian Walrus (an inner New York City gang). Ahhhhh……..memories!!!!!!!

  2. so it would be pretty crappy of me to ask you to go have coffee with me tom? I won’t be crappy…I’ll be nice and bring some Advil for the headaches that will ensue from the detox cycle. Just kidding! so proud of you!
    ~ D. Gomes

  3. I just went through the same caffeine withdrawal ordeal (from like 12 cups to a hard-limited 1 per day) for the same reasons…well, not all the same reasons, or not the same words for all the reasons, but you know, we’re different… ; )

    • Hey Mike! I am afraid this was a short-lived stoppage, as I reconnected with coffee in a major way about a month later. I have leveled out since then, doing at least two cups a day, and no more than three. One day I think I will limit my coffee consumption, but a busy lifestyle doesn’t let me. I am naturally a slow-paced guy, so to move at a fast pace it was either coffee or meth, and I felt this was a safer choice.

      But 10 cups! Man, that is incredible consumption. I can fully support such a cutback in that case.

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