How to Spend Your Time Wisely: Give it Away

Let’s see … today I spent 10 hours between work, lunch and commuting, 15 minutes exercising, 10 minutes on Facebook, three minutes on Yahoo news stories, 10 minutes cumulative taking my dog outside and standing nearby, eight minutes showering (I’m a guy!), 12 minutes going to the bathroom, 45 seconds staring at the computer screen before I wrote this, 20 minutes preparing food, 10 minutes eating, 15 minutes dressing, 45 minutes looking at shoes my wife is trying on & telling her I like them & watching her decide she doesn’t like them, 30 minutes repairing the blender our dog carried around like a trophy, one minute undressing, and not much, much more.

That’s life? That’s what we’re living for? Odd jobs and other things crammed into a gratuitous work week and into the cracks and crevices of manic busy-ness? I have problems with this. I often throw fits, just ask my wife. I mean, I do have issues with picking a plan for my time and sticking to it, carving out time for friendships, writing, playing music, and even plaing organizing and simplifying my life, but that’s normally when I forget what this life is about.

This life isn’t our own.

Matthew 10:39 – “Whoever finds his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life for my sake will find it.”

I struggle with it, but this life isn’t. I was having the hardest time of late, because I just couldn’t spend my time the way I wanted, not the way Jesus wanted. When Jesus says “Go!”, I just need to go. FINALLY, that’s becoming a realization.

As a husband, it’s easy to fall into a cycle. The husband needs to provide for his family, so he must get a full-time job with benefits! The husband needs to please his wife, so he must do chores and give her favors! The husband must be a respectable head of the household, so he must become highly involved in community, church,and social events!

Therefore, the husband must be worn out and bitter, huh?

When we give our time not to our families, but to Jesus, He’ll give that time to the families, and, even more importantly, He’ll put joy in our hearts. How many times have you seen a hard working father who is at the end of his rope and stressed into oblivion? He may work harder than anyone you know, but he’s a fuse just waiting to go off, often not the most beloved father, even after all of his work.

Whenever that phone rings, if Jesus says answer it and give up your time, give it up, He’ll reward you with exactly what you are looking for – peace. Do it, and enjoy the reward.


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