Forty Hours to Freedom

The days are long but the time is short. How does that happen?

I’ve been grinding away at the 40 hour work week for the  past 2 and a half months, and it’s amazing just how much time that actually leaves you. Well, 40 hours plus 5-6 hours for driving, so the 45-46 hour work week.

That leaves time for laundry, taking the dog to the dog park to watch other dogs bite and latch onto his neck, dishes, mowing the yard, reading the Bible, getting sun-dried tomatoes from the grocery store, picking mail up from the mailbox, and getting tacos from Jack-In-The-Box. AND that’s just about it.

It’s a crazy season in life. Is this how we were built to be? The jobs we have are feast or famine, or so it seems, where we are either bored out of our minds, checking 5 or 6 times a day just for something to look at, or we are pound-our-fists-on-the-keyboard and heads-on-the-wall busy. We’re either drowsy or manic.

Were we built this way??? Perhaps not, but our society sure is, so that’s what we’re looking at. Perhaps we were designed to be confined to 40 hours of our week at a certain location (with five paid holidays, a handfull of personal days, and more!), and perhaps we can function within this, but maybe we can excel! And not only at the 40-hour work week, but all of life.

Spend your eight hours a day developing. Fight against mundane. And that exists within your mind.  Once you hear a voice saying “that’s not my job!” or “they don’t pay me enough for  this!”, do it without complaint, because you are then stretching yourself and learning new things. Our flesh does not want to develop, it is comfortable sitting in its own skin, but if you make things uncomfortable, interesting things start to happen. If you do this five days a week, you will likely develop into an all new person, the person you always wanted to be! 

It’s ironic, but if we do what we want to do we will become who we don’t want to be, but if we do what we don’t want to do, we become who we want to be.

I like my job, a lot, but it’s just a job. We also can’t put too much stock into that. The people who want their jobs to be much more than jobs are often the people who aren’t plugging enough into the other areas of their life, the spiritual, the friendships, marriage and family, and exercise. The people who expect their jobs to be the answer to their thirst are going to remain thirsty, because it doesn’t work like that. Those people will often end up paying thousands and thousands of dollars to go back to school, only to find they don’t care for that job much, either.

The 40 hour work week is a large time period, but it’s not a waste. There is a lot of development to be had, we just have to seek it out.


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